Thursday, April 27, 2006


9 to 5

as long as i'm here, another email. verbatim this time.

this is the intro email i sent to the staff at my new job.

Hullos, all. Last Thursday was my first day of work here with the Water Group in San Francisco.

I'm joining you from CHS Consulting Group, where I've spent the last year trying my hand as a transportation planner. Before CHS, I was at Jones & Stokes for two years as a Project Coordinator/Deputy Project Manager (in the Sacramento office primarily, then a few months in Oakland). While at Jones & Stokes I was based primarily on the Local Government/Planning Team, but I worked on a wide variety of projects that included water, natural resource planning, transportation, and even mining.

I graduated from UC Davis in the spring of 2002 with a B.S. in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning and a minor in Film Studies. While at Davis I was fortunate to find a position as research assistant with Dr. Paul Sabatier and the Center for Environmental Conflict Analysis, a research group that studies stakeholder collaboration processes in environmental problem-solving. I stayed on campus for a year after graduation to continue this position and to take a stronger leadership role in the Whole Earth Festival, an event that took most of my extra time while I was in Davis and that I've managed to stay involved with even from the Bay Area.

I'm a terribly proud NorCal native, originally from Santa Rosa but currently an enthusiastic resident of the heart of the Mission District in this lovely city. My non-work time these days is spent encouraging and propagating creativity, insanity, and good dancing within the Burning Man community in San Francisco. I'll fly across the country in search of a well-composed dancefloor. I've been known to play with stilts, fire, and other big people toys. And I have a strong affection for the color orange.

I very much look forward to meeting all of you :)


my new position is at ESA. i'm on the water team. i'm working on environmental permitting and CEQA projects. i'm much happier at work now than i was two months ago. things are looking up.

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