Monday, May 16, 2005


popcorn, buses, and cowboys

a nice yummy weekend, aaaaas usual.

friday i left work a few minutes early to prep for my early evening activity--the popcorn anti-theater bus outing. I was quite excited to don my new space-age outfit that wheylan made for me in new york--ooooh-so-shiny metallic wonder woman stylee. the trip was good times. (have you heard of popcorn anti-theater? it's a monthly outing on a friday night, a renegade-ish bus trip to destinations unknown around the bay area. very much like 'magical mystery tour'. costuming and alcohal are a must. and it's done in time to go out dancing with the rest of your night! faaaanTAStic.) amy and jay and kiran and ian were there, and i really wish i'd had a moment to make them all sit down and get to know each other. i think that they would all become best friends very quickly. the evening's entertainment and excursions included a trip to a park in oakland, some interesting dark spoken word; a puppet show with puppets that were more 'dark crystal' than most things i've seen in life; a bit of hooping by yours truly (i was assigned to the role of 'incidental hooper' for the evening); and an illicit stop at oakland's mormon temple.

after disembarking i headed over to 1015, arriving just in time to catch all of ooah's set. the music was good, but the crowd was more clubby than usual, and i had a few moments of discomfort and wishing that more of my dancefriends were present. still, it was fine, and i had some good hooping downstairs (to goldilox, whose set was yum-funk).

saturday i had intended to have a very me-focused solo day, followed by a trip to davis to spend good time with old girlfriends at a bachelorette party. i was going to spend the night in davis and drive to the city on sunday morning bright-eyed and ready to hoop the bay to breakers course.

insteeeead, i ended up taking a new friend out to lunch for her birthday and engaging in a good hours-long life update session with her. (big yays for new girlfriends--a new girl who can be trusted is becoming more and more important to me as i get older.) in the late afternoon i did manage to get to davis (being in davis on a saturday in spring gave me a few pangs of missing the town...lazy spring-smelling weekend afternoons in a small town...mmm...), but the bachelorette festivities ended up being pretty brief, and after the bride-to-be announced her intention to be in bed at midnight, i opted to drive back to sf to keep my night going for a bit longer.

i went to the renegade camou bus party, which was located in a gorgeous spot on the water, and which had functioning heat lamps and solid breakz. sooo, rather than miss such luxuries, i stayed on site til the breaka breaka dawn, at which point i meandered off to re-costume and transit over to a spot closer to the bay to breakers race course.

so my plan for bay to breakers was to meet a few of the BAH hoopers at the space cowboys' sound distribution site and then to hoop through the course from there, parade-style. i got to the course at around 8am, and watched from the pan handle for the first hundred or so runners (well, racers really, at that point). got to the space cowboys' location a bit before 9am and hooped across the street for the first wave of more recreational runners. i got some great smiles, as well as the distinct impresseion that most of them had ever seen a hooper before. as the crowd started to slow down in speed and increase in size, i made my way over to the other side of the street to get some alcohal and be a bit more social. good crew hanging out at this location, that's for sure. made a couple new friends, drank a LOT of beer but totally forgot to eat anything, massively enjoyed the noise every time a cowboy re-spun 'chariots of fire' into the mix... ended up spending most of the race in the median out in the middle of the street, kickin it with some drunk cowboys and hooping up and down the cement. (and i only hit about a half dozen people :) and two of them were smoove and lars, so really i only hit like four.) stayed up and out much much longer than i intended--watched the cops clear the route at the end of the parade, then purrred around catatonically until someone was kind enough to drive me home.

finished my weekend with a five-hour afternoon night-of-sleep, standing water in my basement, and some good roommate time. i'm not quite ready for another set of weekdays, but i'll see what i can do.

p.s. i've officially decided to send out a new wave of resumes and actively start looking for something new to do for 40 daylight hours every week.

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