Friday, May 13, 2005


ponderings on postings

the new dynamics and angles and rules that posting boards pull into communication are incredible. the boards create a written record ofconversation that doesn't scroll off the screen, isn't easily destroyed, and can be recalled exactly with word-for-word accuracy. participants must place their communiques with care, knowing that their words will be subject to scrutiny by an unknown audience.

conversations with specific other people are especially interesting and tricky. one-on-one exchanges with veiled agendas or undertones can be derailed by unknowing others. contrarily, they can also be supported or skewed in positive ways by third parties. in fact, posting in such a way as to prompt a response from a third party who was previously not involved, especially if it's someone specific, can be a skill and tool of manipulation not to be undervalued. navigating conversations with wordplay and flirting that involve three, four, or maybe five people can be super-fun, but you have to be diligent with your timing or you might end up looking silly.

all words get heard on posting boards. nothing is said aside. if you want to share a relevant private joke or observation with only one other person in the conversation, you have to attempt to hide it in a main post, but not in a way that detracts from the main thread of thought.

yeah, i had a situation or two prompt this set of musings. hummm...

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