Monday, April 18, 2005


a wild success

(note: i know this is all ridiculously outdated. but this is my journal, and i'm updating it. apologies!)

a few months ago, my friend sara told me that i had to mark the calendar for a party she was going to throw for her birthday in early march. she had enlisted the services of two of our favorite djs and was going to throw a super-cool house party with ooah and dorfex bos headlining. a couple months later, i found myself working excitedly to prepare my new house for the aforementioned festivities.

my housemates and i threw a breaks party, and it rockedass. besides ooah and dorfex, sara also got smoove and donna matrix to spinnnn their vinyl. the whole experience made me even more excited to have moved. i mean hulLO, a bunch of my favorite djs playing records directly outside the door to my room?!? pinch me.

despite fierce competition from some uk breaks artists playing elsewhere for the first half of the night, we had a few hundred awesome lovelies chillin at all times throughout the evening, from round about 11pm til we pulled sound in the breaks room at 6am. friend kelly (dj omni) brought us a system and made things sound good downstairs. we also had a bunch of downtempo djs keeping the upstairs space comfy cozy yum.

i know this this after-the-fact, but let this serve as a huge thank you thank you thank you to everyone who came by. i had a great time (or so i'm told ;) and it was really special to see so many of my community blissing out in my new home.

(housemates sara and dan are breakzheadz, but housemate whit is a psy-trancer. whit and i talked the day after the party about our relative experiences with the crowd we'd had the night before. he said that he'd been a bit nervous since he hardly knew anyone, and told me about how he was used to the parties at our house being full of psy-trance kids who he knew he could count on if anything got out of hand. i was proud to be able to tell him that the night before i had felt that same thing--i knew that i was safe and in a good space full of people i trusted and who would help me out if the party went in a weird direction. purrrs and hugs and such, kittens. you're lovely.)

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