Monday, April 18, 2005



so fyi and i'll stop posting for the evening:

the whole earth festival (wef), held on the uc davis campus in good ol' davis, california, is taking place on may 6, 7, and 8 this year. that's friday, saturday, and sunday of mother's day weekend.

i've been on wef staff since i was 19 years old. it was the focus of my life during my seven years in davis. i'm still helping out, and am trying to manifest a toyspace at this year's festival. i'd love it if you all wanted to come visit.

ok, so wef is a three-day free festival. it is managed and put together by a small staff of volunteers and semi-payed amateurs who strive to abide by the principles of sustainability, non-violence, and community as they plan. check out the website: the festival is all vegetarian, mostly organic, mostly vegan, has 95% waste diversion... all crafts are hand-made by the people who sell them; there are *lots* of education booths, workshops, and speakers; there is lots of local music and dance (two main music stages, one dj stage, one dance stage)... it's similar to oregon country faire in some ways, but on a smaller scale. 20-30,000 attendees each year over the three days.

the festival hours...
friday noon-10pm
saturday 9am-10pm
sunday 9am-5pm

i'm hoping i can be there friday, but might only make it on saturday and sunday. interested in coming? need a place to crash? let me know and we'll logisticate. looking forward to seeing you there!!

i plan on going on saturday.... might stay (or at least see) some good friends who live there that you would *love*. we'll coordinate attendance, ok?
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