Sunday, April 03, 2005


sunday morning at 8am she is far away...

just got back from a bm fundraiser for dustfish at nimby. (YUMmmmmmy venue, as always!) i know this is banal for all y'all, but i had a glorious moment, round about 2am, of feeling grateful and lovely and luscious and special, so here's a recap, just for appreciation's sake.

got over to oakland by 11pm or so. got up on my stilts as soon as i could, joining atom, mt, anna, and lee (and later cj and tika. moments of silence here for nick da creature and his silly broken wrist... ok, done.). the stilting crew was in fantastic form. we had this crazy art car to play on--multiple stories with lots of good poles and bars--a veritable jungle gym for us tall folks. i made a new hoop today specifically for use with my stilts--it's HUGE and very orange sparkly. i had great fun utilizing it.

highlight of the night was while i was up on top of the art car. smoove had been spinning for a while, and his set was purrrrrrfectly energized. i was dancing with mt and atom, watching folks like jesse and scott throw fire, watching chelsea and jason and other folks dance as the dancefloor expanded and took over, watching ian throw his hands around with that smug-proud dj look as the crowd lapped up his bass n beats, watching cicely and diego and other friends who'd just gotten there wander through the scene taking things in with shining eyes... lucky lucky lucky fucking lucky bitchezzz are we. who else gets this luv, this vibrant crazy energy? we are fortunate and blessed...

smiles and glitter, yo.

was ready to stop being high when i saw ooah get started. got down and got buuuuussssy on the dancefloor. spent some good dancetime with CICELY, DIEGO, CHELSEA, XOCHI, LARS, ORION, DESIREE, LIZA, RENE, FRANKIE, JESSE, and many many others. hooped much with the likes of jesse, frankie, joohlz, seth, aimee, and jason. got to watch jesse and seth do their firehooping thang, which was amazing (as expected). seth, fyi--your firehooping blows me away and away and away again.

ooah's set rocked asssss...but then you knew that. kirk's set too--YUM and yay. lux (yayayayayay for lux) had a great run of beats, with massive amounts of buzz and praise. and ian, as aforementioned, did a kickass job as always always always. the sky began to glow in the color of cornflower--that weird waxy blue from crayola--towards the end of lux's set, and as kirk took over again. i held out for longer than i should have, which was wonderful. cut out round about 6am. kirk was on the decks, and the crowd was still going strong. as we walked out seth and i followed our noses to a booth with bacon sizzling on frying pans. i must state for the record that i am now OFFICIALLY a baco-vegetarian. ooooooooooh my god and it is a lovely place to be. i highly recommend it. it had been *so* long... so many months and months without letting that amazing substance dissolve on my tongue...

drove by gingerbread, saw a couple of my girls on their way to their vehicles; all was done so i came home.

again, i want to remind us all how goddamn lucky we are to be here and now. the things we are privvy to make my heart race and dance.

love and hugs and glitter and such...

oooooo...... *pout*

you make me so jealous. i wish i would've had the energy to make it there. sleep is such an impediment to my desires!!!! :(

i'm sure, however, you had enough fun for both of us. thanks for the recap!

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