Friday, April 29, 2005


self-improvement via cracks and creaks

i went to a chiropractor today. dr. troy chamberlin. it was my first visit as part of my new determination to FIX MY BODY so that i can start working out again as well as dance with more freedom. (someone flipped me into a backbend while i was dancing in ny and i had to go find ice and lie down during a party. sucksass. no more.) dr. troy was nice. a little over-eager cheerleader-ish, but then i expected that.

so i'm sure it's human nature that every injured person wants to think that their health problems are special and waaaay more interesting and intriguing and baffling than anyone else's. can we agree on this? right. so i have that inclination, cuz i'm human. well all my self-importance was validated and i was left with a sense of smug satisfaction when, halfway through the session, after a few not-so-successful attempts to adust my upper back, the doctor said, 'i will see and adjust 50 people before lunch today. you will be the only one who i can't adjust.' HA! i'm SOOOO cool.

note: apparently one is not supposed to wait six months between the point at which one receives an injury and the point at which one goes to see a physician to discuss and remedy the symptoms of the injury.

so the long and short of it is that i have three (#$%&!!!) chiro appointments next week. by the third one he thinks he'll be able to slightly adjust my back. is it all a ploy to extract cash from an unwitting innocent? perhaps. but at this point i'm willing to put my cynicism aside and be completely gullible for at least...let's say...three weeks.

one good sign: he *did* manage to adjust my neck and jaw, and those feel great.

(p.s. thank's to amy's friend kate for the recommendation! so far, so good...)

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