Monday, April 18, 2005



i moved. to san francisco. and i love it.

seth and i found out about 2 weeks before our trip that we were going to have to move out of our apartment by march 2nd. ikes and yikes and yipes, no? seriously. so we had to both find places to live before we left. and then we were scheduled to get back into the u.s. on february 26th, a saturday, leaving us not-a-lot-of-weekend-time with which to relocate our possessions. despite the massive lifespan-decreasing amounts of stress that this caused, everything ended up working out. half an hour after posting on tribe, i received a message from a friend, letting me know that there was a spot opening in her household. the place was amazing, the room available was huge, and the people seemed good.

so i moved to a wonderful warehouse space in the mission. the people ARE good--i love my living situation.

i live with three housemates--sara, dan, and whit. we get along well and have fun together. it feels great to have roommates i have life in common with. at first i was worried that i'd have too much in common with sara. she and i met at a hoop day and then at a breaks party, and i was nervous that our lives might overlap too much. but nope! i actually would love to have *more* social time with her! and each time i get to play with any of my housemates at a party i get ridiculously excited--they're all fanTAStic.

my room is huge. and guess what? one of the previous inhabitants decided that the ceiling of the room would be best decorated by draping long *orange* tapestries to cover the rafters and piping. uh-huh. the majority of the ceiling is orange. and i had NOthing to do with it :)

and in a neighborhood again...with actual stores and restaurants... oh oh oh! and i'm living *so close* to so many of my friends!!! i can have dinner with people now, and run by to borrow clothes, and have people *over*!! and i'm within walking distance of cellspace and mighty and amnesia...and cabbing distance from 1015 and half a dozen other party spaces... and then of course i already told you about the food coop a few blocks away...


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