Sunday, February 06, 2005


my to-do list

i'm a bit nervous about the next three weeks.

i have a lot of things coming up. i didn't intend for them all to happen at the same time, and some of them i didn't intend to have happen at all. if all of them go well, then i could conceivably have a ridiculously busy but fantastically fun three weeks. and really, it's totally feasible and maybe even likely, statistically speaking, that they will all go well (at least in the short term, which is all i'm capable of worrying about right now). but if even one of them goes wrong, i will very likely be very unhappy.

see, i used to thrive on this sort of thing. it was what drove me, motivated me, and got me excited when i woke up in the morning. this was, and technically probably still *is*, fully within my skill set. but this time i'm feeling completely overwhelmed, and i don't think i'm going to enjoy it, even if everything goes fine, because i'm just too worried.

*sigh* i'm sure it'll all come together. just wish i could have fun riding it all out, the way i used to...

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