Tuesday, February 08, 2005

i'm stagnant.
i'm restless.
i'm overwhelmed.
i'm manic and i'm panicked.

i've been trying to figure out for the last 36 hours what would calm me down, what would make me happy, what i would like to be doing if i could do anything or be anywhere right now.

last night i thought maybe i'd like to recede and hermit for a while--read a lot and watch a ton of movies, sew, make art, be by myself and check some things off my to-do list.

but i just saw some playa pictures, and that looks soothing. hum. so i need to be by myself for a week wandering around a huge playground exploring weird schtuff and meeting strangers, and that'll make me feel better. ok. got it.

then i was reminded that amy's going to new york soon. wow, yeah--that sounds PERFECT right now.

*sigh* well, at least now i know where i want to be.

i've found that not trying to figure it out helps to figure it out. think to hard and you just end up driving yourself mad...

but finding out that I get two free weekends in Manhattan (one of those with amy) for just a couple days of work was such a refreshing suprise. It's really shifted my world on its side. not that that's a bad thing ;) plus I get to see old friends, and maybe get to check out some NY breaks madness!!

i didn't know you had a blog!

i do hope you're feeling better. see you soon. :)
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