Tuesday, February 08, 2005


blossoming things

today is the anniversary of the death of the friend i mentioned a couple of posts ago.

she died in a car on the way home from a trip to santa rosa. i'm headed to and from that town myself this evening. nervous shuddery feeling. for someone who doesn't believe in much, i sure do get creeped out easily by superstitions. of course, i dreamed about death the three nights before she died, which hasn't happened before or since, so everything about this particular event tends to make me more superstitious than usual.
the day after she died was this absolutely gorgeous spring day. at the time, it was a dramatic change in weather and thus made quite an impression on a me. so since then, when i hit this anniversary i'm reminded to look around and find signs that spring is coming. you might take a minute today to see if you can find some cherry blossoms, a patch of sourgrass, or an acacia tree in full yellow yumminess. the acacias especially--they always make me feel full and relaxed.

maybe i'll see some today during my drive.

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