Monday, January 10, 2005


utopian eating experience

after years and years of tense large group restaurant experiences, fraught with carefully arranged seating schematics, reluctant participants griping about the prices of the entrees, dramatic statements about whether we should or should not be frequenting a restaurant that served the food-to-be-avoided-by-good-activists-this-week, and various other perilous and generally unpleasant characteristics, i have learned to dread going out to eat with more than one other person at a time.

last night, though, a group of 10 hoopers spontaneously decided to go to dinner together. there was no argument about where we were going (even though it had the potential to be an un-universally liked choice). there was no one who complained about the price of the entrees. there was general pleasantness that we were going to a vegetarian restaurant, but no snooty or lofty or showy comments about the issue. and i was all set to worry about seating arrangements, and whether we could all fit at one table or not, when i realized that no one would care at all where they were sitting, even if we got split into 2 or 3 tables. no politics, no messyness, no silly nonsense.

what a great phenomenon :)

(btw, the restaurant we went to is called Alive! it's on lombard at webster. it's an organic raw food restaurant, with a sort of asian fusion menu. the food was **incredible**. the service...well...just don't ever go there with more than one other person! we waited almost 2 hours for our food.)

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