Monday, January 10, 2005


sneaky naughty

aaaand yet AGAIN i am prevented from viewing a friend's blog by my work's content blocks. can i put out a quick little plea here? could you people just try to be a little more subtle with your 'weighted phrases'? euphemisms are always good fun--try one next time. or--and not to be juvenile or anything--perhaps use a creative spelling or two? think of me as the kid whose mom wouldn't let her come to the slumber party if an R movie was going to be shown. of course you always laughed your arse* off at that kid, but you changed the movie, right? right?

*see? hardly changed the tone at all.

Polyphonic Spree on the 24th at Bimbo's.

We going? You can't invite whatshername.
no, dammit. much to my severe disappointment, i will be in belize. maybe whatshername would be willing to go in my stead though. (btw, oh off-topic-commentor, yours is the site that triggered this post. though it was only breaking the camel's back.)
Oh? It wasn't me?
nope. yours was the second-to-last straw. mere hours after yours came up blocked, miguel one-upped you to cause the massive GRRRRRRRRating iRRRRRRRRitated response on my part.
Of course, 'arse' makes you sound like you're British, or trying to sound British. And what of British readers with Puritanical employers like yours? They're scrooed, as we might say, because 'arse' might be blocked on their end.

Maybe take a look at anonymous rebrowsers aka anonymizers. They're transmitted over https, and hence not blockable, and not readable at all by your bored network administrator. There still exist a few free ones out there.

Wow, look at all the people here. Party at Orange's comments! Come party your arse off!
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