Thursday, January 27, 2005


get $#%@ FREAKY, yo.

party tomorrow night. yup. iiiiii'm excited. *what* a fugging line-up. i have one of the worst colds i've had in years, but if nothing else i will just go and lie on the floor in the main room, fully caffeinated in order to retain consciousness, and absorb the beats with a glazed smile on my face.

by saying this i'm setting myself up for a grand disappointment, of course...but this is the first party i've heard about since i moved here that EVERYONE is going to--no conflicts on anyone's calendar; no naysayers; no excuses; no options. everyone's planning on attending. i have refused to make solid plans with anyone, including out-of-town guests, but i am giddy at the thought of having all my friends in the same building at the same time, all being ecstatic at once.

right. nevermind about that lying on the floor nonnnnsense. more drugs. bring em on. i'll be conscious *and* capable of quick movement. 'and they ain't leavin til 6 in the mo'nin.' yeeeeeeah.



:-) Jason
yaaaaay! you, my friend, are a rockstar. so looking forward to seeing you lady...and dancing my freakin' a@@ off!!!

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