Wednesday, December 15, 2004



when i worked in sacramento, my project with the most client meetings was a mining project down in tulare county. the team from my firm was comprised of a male project director, a female project manager, and me, the project bitch. when we went down to meetings, my manager and i would be the only women we'd see all day. we'd sit in a room fullllll of old white men, none under 45 years old, all good ol' boys with huge families who ran the show in their community. the only sounds i would make during the meetings would be wisecracks under my breath to my manager.

now, working in the bay area office of the same company, my project with the most client meetings is a redevelopment project in san francisco. the team from my firm is again comprised of a male PD, a female PM, and me. but the PD is gay. the PM is african-american. we go to meetings and their are consistently more women than men around the table. there is a lesbian who has five piercings and wears male-cut suits every day, a gay man who talks during the meeting breaks about what he and his partner are doing to celebrate christmas, at least four people of color--two of them women... and half of the participants are under the age of 45. i get asked questions, and i feel comfortable giving answers. i even feel comfortable correcting people. (ok, well...mostly i feel comfortable correcting people! i *am* still the project bitch.)

i love working in the bay area.

hey orange,

i've just discovered the joys of hooping. emily, jemima's friend turned me on and now i know what to make everyone for the holidays. The funny thing is that I camped next to a lot of whirlygig people at BM but never got around to you know, hooping.

i'm going to get materials tonight and start making hoops.

another satisfied customer
poodle (west oakland)

ps. what do i look like in your mind right now?
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