Monday, November 22, 2004


twilight zone in brilliant sunshine at 10am on a monday

i got 12 hours and 20 minutes of sleep last night. i think that is my personal best. still suffering for it, too. my brain is like a lump of cotton that was used to remove makeup, tossed onto the sink in a puddle of water, and then crushed by a hairdryer.

had to drive to work today (*%&! oakland parking nonsense), and was feeling rather unqualified to operate a vehicle, that's for sure. my thoughts were spastic and choppy and couldn't get to any point. i realized at one point that the length of each thought was pretty much in sync with the length of time between the bass beats coming out of my speakers and had a weird moment or two trying to get that to stop, but it wouldn't. got to work to find out my monitor had died unexplainedly. finally got my computer on and found a very unusual email-- but i don't want to tell that story, actually.

so why did i feel this was worth a post?! because i absolutely *must* remember how mind-twisted, inside-outside-over-there, dazed i was.

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