Wednesday, November 03, 2004


part 6

here is the single f*ing ray of light in the results of yesterday's insane f*ing nonsense voting debacle:

Measure Z -- Oakland Medical Marijuana, Marijuana Law Enforcement
yes: 64.3%

no: 35.7%
About this race: Shall the ordinance requiring the City of Oakland (1) to make law enforcement related to private adult cannabis (marijuana) use, distribution, sale, cultivation and possession, the City's lowest law enforcement priority; (2) to lobby to legalize, tax and regulate cannabis for adult private use, distribution, sale, cultivation and possession; (3) to license, tax and regulate cannabis sales if California law is amended to allow such actions; and (4) to create a committee to oversee the ordinance's implementation, be adopted?


and as usual, my bubble is okay and good--kerry got 74.3% of the vote in alameda county, 83.2% of the vote in san francisco, and 67.3% in sonoma county. can't find the yolo county results. (there's an incredible map on the sac bee website that i can't seem to get a link for... oh, here it is. check it out.)

but prostitution didn't get de-criminalized in berkeley. did you hear about that? would've been interesting.

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