Monday, November 22, 2004


life's been good to me so far

i had a weekend that redeemed all my last weekend's anxiety and uncertainty.

...wonderful girls' night for part 1 of friday night, decently fun time at anon salon for part 2 of friday night, lovely adventure with a new friend for part 3 of friday night. purrrrrr.

the sol system party on saturday was fun and friend-filled. a bit overwhelming for the first few hours what with all the people and the scene-i-ness, but i found a niche that made me feel cozy, platform-dancing with a woman who i've been wanting to get to know better. i spent a lot of time during the night talking to friends, establishing and re-establishing.

highlight of evening: sitting on the floor listening to kelly and mel talk about their impending move to the bay (!!!) when a track came on and all three of us immediately jumped up and moved over to the floor and after a confused moment or two managed to verify that YES that was lorin spinning and we weren't just imagining things, and since it was late the floor had lots of space and the people were all good lovelies and i danced to one of his best tracks with a dozen or so people i've found or kept over the last five months all weaving around each other with shining faces excited to be dancing to a surprise set at 4 in the morning with good people and good moods.

my mind is putting very specific colors on the different parts of the weekend.
friday part 1: cozy lamplit brown-ish yellow
friday part 2: shimmery sherbert orange, very smooth
friday part 3: deep blood red with hints of black tiger stripes
saturday: muted silver, very very warm (with sparklies scattered over the top like sprinkles)

i think this is the first weekend during which i felt like i might really part of a circle of something-or-other--a weekend of me introducing people to each other, rather than me being introduced.

becky left a message yesterday at 2pm to tell me she had just woken up and that she wanted to let me know that after her first weekend in this lifestyle she thought she knew now what my life was like and why i am so excited all the time. i believe she has been officially converted.

back in my comfort zone, and thank god.

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