Tuesday, November 02, 2004


election result coverage, episode 1:

from the daily show's election blog:
Posted 3:46 p.m. ETSo the first round of exit polls are in and they’re favoring John Kerry in the swing states. Of course, these don't take into account early voting, absentee ballots, voting machines that play Space Invaders instead of displaying the ballot and the fact that for some people, it may be Opposite Day. They say we should take these with a grain of salt, but the health-conscious Indecision team prefers a wasabi-ginger dust. What can you say, we're fancy like that!

from the onion:
NADER SUPPORTERS BLAME ELECTORAL DEFEAT ON BUSH, KERRY—Supporters of presidential candidate Ralph Nader blamed his defeat Tuesday on George W. Bush and John Kerry, claiming that the two candidates "ate up" his share of the electoral votes. "This election was stolen out from under Mr. Nader by Bush and Kerry, who diverted his votes to the right and the left," Nader campaign manager Theresa Amato said. "It's an outrage. If Nader were the only candidate, he would be president right now." In his concession speech, Nader characterized Bush and Kerry as spoilers.

(which reminds me--favorite pre-election article was last week's 'Countdown to the Recount 2004'. thinking ahead, the onion is.)

mtv news choose or lose-- resonses from ACTUAL voters (!!):
"This is my first time voting and it was better than what I was thinking, and being my first time, it was cool. After I cast my vote I still didn't get why I never vote. Had I known that it was fast and took no time, I would have been voting before. Get out there and vote and party later. If I can do it, you can too. I used to be the one to say forget voting, well now I am here to say I did it and so can you." Danielle, 26, Los Angeles, CA

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