Saturday, October 16, 2004


what it would take to get me to do an infomercial

i found out today about someone else who has chronic daily headaches. she started getting them at a much younger age than me though, and for that reason and others hasn't ever done the full crazy door-to-door-style doctor circuit. as we talked, i had to restrain myself from turning into headache-motivational-speaker-woman. so i know what my infomercial would be-- i would be selling some sort of headache journal/checklist thingy. and if you ordered now, you would receive a jumbo-sized bottle of excedrin. (if they asked me to, i'd do an enthusiastic endorcement for excedrin. it's true.)

the conversation got me thinking about what i need to do next in my quest to get my head under control. someone suggested a naturopath. i think i'll add a food sensitivity analyst and an ENT specialist to the shopping list. let me know if you know of any good ones in the bay.

here's a quick recall of the doctors and practicioners i've consulted regarding my little condition:
neurologists (5)
allergists (2)
oral surgeon
dentists (2)
optomotrists (3)
general practitioners (6-8)
physical therapist
biofeedback practitioner
massage therapists (4-6)
craniosacral practitioner
time to get back into the ring and start swinging again, i think...

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