Saturday, October 16, 2004


oregonians recently spotted a ufo...

i'm in portland, oregon this weekend. i'm here to celebrate the expected birth of a high school friend's first child. this will be my first friend to have a baby. (she was also the first to get married.) i was apprehensive all week thinking about coming up here-- spend lots of money to fly somewhere grey and cold where i will spend three solid days trying to communicate with old friends who think my life is strange and who laugh nervously when i talk about hooping... sounds fun, huh?

- B U T -

after my first evening, i think that i have--yet again--underestimated the strength of real friendships. jessamyn and i could not have picked more dissimilar paths to wander down if we'd tried, but when we get settled onto the couches in her house (house!) in the suburbs (suburbs!), waiting for her husband (husband!) to get home from his golfing (golfing?!) outing, we curl right back into our comfort with each other. i love listening to the tiny minute details of how she's dealing with her pregnancy and how she's deciding what to do for her birthing process, and she asks a crazy array of real questions about what i'm doing with my new time and space.

ponderable: what are the secret ingredients of a truly unconditional friendship?

We are not alone
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