Tuesday, October 12, 2004


in up to my waist

right then. i now have a blog. one that i might actually surreptitiously post the address of somewhere. i have moved over the postings from an old site, which puts a lot less pressure on this post to be notable or at all worth reading.

so i've delved another foot or two into full integration with the world wide web. i just hope it doesn't make me feel too much like a pretentious, self-absorbed bastard. two problems with that hope:
problem #1. i want to post as a diary, not as a meshing-of-websites-and-clever-articles.
problem #2. i have few web design skills, so i'm posting to a ready-made site and will not be overly creative in my presentation.

BUT, i have solutions.
solution #1. i will figure out how to add pictures and post links, and do this at least occasionally.
solution #2. i will never, ever, ever expect that anyone actually read this page, and if someone *does* read it, i will never, ever, ever expect them to return.

You can expect me to return. :)
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