Tuesday, October 26, 2004


glam hippies

i saw a friend from high school yesterday who started insisting that burners are primarily hippies. i looked at him incredulously and reminded him that he'd never been to a burner event.

i did the davis version of the full-on hippie thing for a few years. my move this summer cemented a change that had been coming on for a few months, and i've been feeling a bit between-stereotypes for a while now.

(i will spare you all my rants on the definition of hippy and the problems with that category...for now. the only really interesting part of the rants is this: a friend last year, in a remarkable moment of open-minded clarity, called my friends and i 'sustain-a-billies'. good new name. but it didn't take.)

so amazing hooper stefan just posted a link to a great tribute that his hoop troupe got in new york's village voice, and the author of the tribute used the term glam hippies. i love it. i absolutely love it.

i just googled around a bit trying to see if the phrase has been used much. looks like not. well then, consider it hereby appropriated, though i don't think we need to get into definitions just yet.

please use this label whenever possible, and tell others to use it too.

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