Tuesday, October 26, 2004


CHECK - one life goal down

okey-dokey. i have now seen a beatle in concert. i won't go so far as to say i will now die happy, but i am pretty pleased.

paul mccartney performed at the eighteenth bridge school benefit this weekend. he was fantastic. i was expecting a mix of his solo/wings hits and maybe one or two beatles songs, but instead i was treated to a setlist that mostly consisted of beatles songs, including blackbird and yesterday. i would have enjoyed hearing his solo stuff, but i definitely won't object to what i got! i would like to confess that during blackbird i finally experienced my first real incident of crying-at-a-concert, with crying-at-a-concert being defined (unofficially) as 'shedding tears at a show due solely to the beauty and/or emotion evoked by hearing a particular song or artist in a live setting'. note: crying during live performances of ridiculously sad songs such as 'last kiss' or 'brick' does not count.

other highlights: tony bennett singing 'maybe this time' from one of the greatest films ever made. red hot chili peppers covering 'brandy', then shooting me back to junior high so fast that i checked to see if i had braces again with 'under the bridge'.

ever been to shoreline on a rainy night? it wasn't half as bad as i thought it was going to be.

one last note... this year, my 7th trip to the benefit, i was reminded yet again that i will never regret spending the money and time to go this concert. it's always wonderful. no matter who's on the line-up, it's guaranteed that you will enjoy yourself. telling example: all-time favorite bridge set was billy idol's unexpected headline set on saturday of 2001.

so next year...i'll see you there :)

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