Tuesday, February 10, 2004


shame and yearning in las davas

the shame referred to above involves that silly time-sucking nonsense entitled 'friendster'. i'm anxious to start meeting people i have nothing in common with through six degrees of separation and have a computer tell me i now have more friends with every passing day.

as for the second emotion expressed in the subject line... it is, perhaps, a bit too broad to be properly captured here. suffice to say that there's yearning, with few boundaries. pick a topic, i've probably yearned in one direction or another about it in the past few months. though the primary topic might actually be yearning itself (yearning about yearning... still following me? well, *stop* following me or i'll have you arrested!)--i'm not wanting to be doing that with my emotions anymore. no more yearning. i'd rather be anticipating, or enjoying, or... well, one of those two, anyways.

BUTTTTT--i profess and protest that i am leaving this town in 4.5 months. i'll be relocating to the land of oak, hopefully by the lake named merritt. so...ha! outward bound. onward and upward. in june. good for me. and i'll just twiddle my thumbs patiently til then, since i
apparently lack the resources to make myself content in my current surroundings.

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