Saturday, February 14, 2004


in the office at 1pm on a saturday

am in that zombified phase that occurs after an all-nighter's follow-up 5-hour nap on someone's couch. am so used to the burner scene that the more club-ish scene last night was a bit uncomfortable, but good djs will almost always make you feel better... not wanting to drive to sonoma county this afternoon... wanting instead to curl up under my desk and ignore people. there is glitter on my hands, though, so everything will be ooookay.

it is my birthday on tuesday. yes. i will no longer be in my early twenties. i will be exactly in my mid-twenties. my ponderables on age and perception of age and age in context of environment and age-ism have been passionate of late. rather tired of people thinking that they are dramatically older than me when really in another setting we wouldn't notice and really they didn't notice initially either so what the hell is all the weirdness stemming from, exactly? eh [shrug].

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