Monday, July 31, 2006


two roads diverged in a yellow wood

my childhood best friend, with whom i have been very close to since we were 5 years old, just told me that she's engaged.

i am currently reflecting on why i am not more freaked out about this news. (they've been dating for *maybe* a year...and i've spent almost no time with the guy, so this is not something i really saw coming or whatnot.) am i really mature enough to finally stop having kneejerk reactions against people my age--and in particular my close friends--getting married? i find that hard to believe. i'm afraid that it's decidedly more resignation than enthusiasm.

so many of the friends i have in san francisco are leading non-traditional lives...and we'll get into conversations about how we can't believe how many people from our high schools are married and parenting and settling down, with everyone decrying the mistakes of the poor misguided souls back in our suburban hometowns... it's interesting to ponder the factors that could lead people with very similar childhoods to make such different life decisions.

for the record, though, i am incredibly happy that cori has found someone she wants to be with for the rest of her life. she deserves a wonderful and supportive partnership, and i'm pretty sure this decision is exactly what she wants and needs.

you have issues with old friends marrying and settling down in traditional fashion, yet you do not consider non-traditional relationships as valid as these others, as you previously pointed out about some of us LTR non-marriage types. you seem confused. ;)
i knew you were going to say something to this effect :P

there is no confusion. they are two separate issues, missy.

it's the validity and gravity of the engagement/marriage situation that prompts the freak-out. if you were to announce an engagement i would freak out, and then take your relationship more seriously :)
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