Monday, October 18, 2004


proud and prejudiced

while wandering through a big nasty corporate video store last night with some friends, i came upon a 2003 remake of pride and prejudice that i had never heard of. being a proper austenphile i insisted that we watch it immediately. due to the awful acting and cringingly bad dialogue, my friends got bored within about 10 minutes and went to bed, but i love that book like i love life itself, so i persevered. about a quarter of the way through i noticed little hints that this movie wasn't quite the normal innuendo-filled austen film of the 21st century. it was all very clean and cute and good. and there was a scene set in a church. i smelled something fishy.

(next clue: the full name of the movie is 'pride and prejudice: a latter day comedy'.)

turns out, the film is one in a genre known as mollywood, aka mormon chick flicks. yup. mormon movies. there's a review of this crazy movie here. the film was pretty much crap (other than the lovely non-mormon british man who played darcy), but i am totally intrigued and feel like i had this great open-minded cultural experience.

i think tomorrow i'm going to go buy one of the 'left behind' books and delve a bit farther into my patronizing interest in religious lifestyle. (it's ok, i'm allowed. 13 years of catholic schools = i'm allowed to talk knowingly about religion and nod sagely whenever christianity comes up in conversation.)

did you know...some times op/ed column last year said that something like 46% of americans consider themselves born-again christians?
that is a very large number of born-again christians.

Nobody likes a whiner.
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